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Introducing McTiVia

McTiVia is the first device that can show all content of your Mac® as well as Windows® computer on your TV wirelessly.

You can control up to 8 PCs easily with your mouse and/or keyboard.

You can share any content from your computers with your friends and family in your living room.




Also works as a home wireless access point
Experience your video and pictures on your big screen TV instead of crowding around a small computer monitor!
Sit back, relax and enjoy music stored in your Mac through your big loud speakers in the big living room!
Use your big screen TV to play PC games – show off your gaming skills to friends and families in the living room!
Surf the web from your couch! Access TV shows and movies online, or go anywhere a browser takes you to!
Leave your computers where they are, and control them via a standard USB* mouse/keyboard from the couch!
Use your iPhone or Android phones as a mouse/kybd to control your PC!

‧ Wirelessly brings Mac screen to TV with synchronized audio

‧ Remotely operates your Mac from TV with standard USB mouse/keyboard

‧ Also works as a home wireless access point

‧ Additional PC sender for Windows 7/Vista included

‧ More software available on




McTiVia awarded Best of Show Macworld 2011 by Macworld

McTiVia awarded Best of Macworld Expo 2011 by

Five coolest things I saw at Macworld 2011



Macworld Expo 2011 Video



What People Said About McTiVia

"All I can truly say is to actually see this thing operate amazes me in my opinion. Perhaps because I've been chomping at the bit for 10+ years to have such technology at my disposal and to finally be able to have every computer in my house communicate to my TV with a single click of a button was what truly sold me on the product and as a customer of 3 months, I couldn't go back to a tethered experience."

-- Customer Evan Moore

"So is the McTivia a winner? I would say- YES! More than any other streaming system I have tried it has the kind of polish and ease of use that consumers want and often need. The setup was easy, the initial use painless and the settings are pretty self-explanatory."
"The McTivia really does add a huge amount of functionality to your HDTV. I can see why it won Best of Show at Macworld."


“If you are annoyed with adapters or cables, I would suggest looking into the McTiVia, as a solution to beam your computer screen through the air, amongst other uses that you may think of later down the line.”


"…the video and sound display on the HDTV is in sync and smooth. That really impressed me."
"…I tried to load some Full-HD YouTube videos and the playback was smooth as well. Surfing the net with such a huge HDTV screen is surely something interesting. Everything worked well as expected. What you can display on your desktop, can be displayed correctly and properly on your HDTV via McTiVia."


" of the things that makes McTiVia compelling is its USB port to facilitate the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse."


"McTiVia Melds Your Mac And TV"


"One Mac accessory that's caught our eye at MacWorld 2011 is McTiVia, a WiFi device that wirelessly connects newer MacBooks to any HDTV"


" is one of the coolest gadget you can buy for your living room"



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