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Q: Where can I buy McTiVia?
A: Please look for our resellers at

Q: If I order online, how long does it take to deliver?
A: Usually McTiVia can be shipped within two weeks when order is received.


Q: What’s the output resolution?
A: The output resolution is 720p via HDMI.


Q: How to output the audio and which format does it output?
A: The audio be outputted via HDMI, and the output format is stereo 44.1KHz.


Q: What’s the wireless connection used on McTiVia? How far can it go?
A: McTiVia works with 802.11n WiFi signals. Usually it can go up to 90 feet. However, it depends on your WiFi environment. Please check with a laptop and a regular 11n router in your environment to see how the signal is. If you get 3 or 4 bars in signal strength, then it should be okay.

McTiVia also works with Ethernet connection. Actually the performance and stability is much better than using WiFi. All you need to do is to plug in the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connector on the back of McTiVia so it gets an IP from your home router.


Q: Can I connect to Internet when I use McTiVia?
A: Yes. There are two ways to do it:
a. Plug in the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connector on the back of McTiVia then connect McTiVia by WiFi from your laptop.
b. Use WiFi AP-Client Configuration function to set. You can refer the manual about this.


Q: Can I project the screen of my iPad / iPhone?
A: Right now we don't have an iPad / iPhone sender that can project the screen of iPad / iPhone to McTiVia. However, we have an iPad receiver that you can send the screen of you Mac or Windows to. There are also free apps on App Store that can let you use iPad as a mouse or remote control. We are working on the iPad / iPhone sender and we hope there will be the first beta by the end of March. We’ll update on web site immediately when it’s ready.


Q: Does McTiVia support extended display?
A: McTiVia only mirror the main display now (the screen with Apple logo on the menu). We will keep improving our features include supporting extended desktop. When an update is available, you can get it with the Check for Updates item on the menu.


Q: Can I use Bluetooth/wireless mouse or keyboard to remote control?
A: Currently we don't have plan to add a bluetooth connectivity to the hardware, however, you can still use wireless mouse or keyboards that comes with a USB receiver to work with McTiVia.


Q: Does McTiVia support video conference? (Ex: iChat, Skype or FaceTime)
A: McTiVia can show all content of your laptop on your TV. Naturally, you can use McTiVia with iChat, Skype or FaceTime to see and hear your chat on the TV.


Q: What it your return policy if I purchase McTiVia?
A: If you purchase McTiVia online, you have two weeks to try it after receiving the device. Our customer support will be assist you if yo have any question or problem using McTiVia. If you are not satisfied with your experience, please return it and include your purchase info in the package. We offer full refund including the delivery fee paid when you purchased.


Q: How do I return McTiVia and get a refund?
A: Please ship your McTiVia with its complete package to the following address and include your purchase info in the package. We will refund to your PayPal account after we receive the returned package.


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